I want to present you a reboot of a dead Pocketsphinx tutorial not available on the internet at the moment as the original site died in flames and cries :'(

A note on german continuous speech recognition

Before starting with the raw commands, it should be noted that choosing Pocketsphinx is not the result of a simple choice. It rather is the result of research and comparison among open systems that was made in 2011:

German Continuous Speech Recognition

I’m using Archlinux, so some commands will be “Arch-specific”. Don’t go away if you are using other distros, all in all it is the same. In the next steps we will install sphinxbase and pocketsphinx.

Let’s create a working directory mkdir voice_recognition and go into it cd voice_recognition

Compilaton and installation

First we need to install swig. Then I use the latest version from the Github-Repository of Sphinxbase.
We clone the remote repository with:

git clone git://github.com/cmusphinx/sphinxbase.git  
cd sphinxbase  
./autogen.sh # creates makefiles and calls ./configure
sudo make install  
cd ..  

We do the same for pocketsphinx:

git clone git://github.com/cmusphinx/pocketsphinx.git  
cd pocketsphinx  
sudo make install  
cd ..  

Now the two requiered programs are installed. But the Languagemodel, Dictionary and HiddenMarkovModel Files are missing. <- Is that right?
For my recognition I’m using the model from Voxforge:

wget http://goofy.zamia.org/voxforge/de/voxforge-de-r20141117.tgz  
tar xvzf voxforge-de-r20141117.tgz  

In the created folder called voxforge… you will find a sh file called run-pocketsphinx.sh. You have to edit it. Change the content to the following:

    -hmm model_parameters/voxforge.cd_cont_3000 
    -lw 10 -feat 1s_c_d_dd -beam 1e-80 -wbeam 1e-40 
    -dict etc/voxforge.dic 
    -wip 0.2 
    -agc none -varnorm no -cmn current -inmic yes 
    -lm etc/voxforge.lm.DMP

A -inmic parameter was in the new pocketsphinx version added, but the voxforge file is not up to date.

If you want to test everything you can just run: ./run-pocketsphinx.sh

You should get some results. If not checkout the freenode channel #cmusphinx. These guys helped me a lot. (Thanks to @nshm and vklimkov)