[ Pierre-Antoine Rault ]

CS graduate student in Nice, FR

About me

I’m a computer science master student, with a focus on computer networks and plenty of experience in open source projects.

I’ve designed software for constrained environements and embedded systems, scripts for automation, and simple systems for students at my university. Whatever the scale, I do what I think matters - sometimes in fun ways (just ask the student association, I put a whole server cluster in their room!).

When I’m not on the keyboard, I love listening to conferences or good music, working my way through every recipe in the family cookbook (ask me about my Tarte Tatin), and indulging my love for hidden places in my city.

SCADA Reverse Engineering

One of the most unusual lessons i could attend: reverse-engineer a closed-source protocol and script exploits to escalade privilege in a SCADA network… in the uni!

An ECMAScript 6 desktop application

My attempt at making a beautiful desktop, javascript only app. Oh, and it’s a fun way to make gift playlists to your friends.